Is a mis‐firing ERP system holding back your business?

The key objective of an ERP system is to drive up efficiencies and effectiveness in your business. It should drive business growth, business value and profitability. Ask yourself whether your ERP system is really delivering for your business on these fronts?

There are many, many examples of ERP failures. Most of the headlines tend to focus on implementation project failures – eye watering budget and timescale overruns. However, an ERP system could be implemented on time and to budget, but still be a failure. If it’s not delivering business benefit and value to your business on an ongoing basis – then it’s mis-firing. Or worse, failing. So many companies fail to make the most of the considerable investment they’ve made in their ERP system. In this paper we highlight the warning signs that your ERP system is mis-firing and what to do about it.

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