Customer Relationship Management within your business

CRM can have a major impact on your organisation; shifting the focus from product to customer, streamlining the offerings to what the customers want rather than what you can make and highlighting the competencies required for effective CRM.

Making the leap from a product focused business to a customer focussed one means you need to adopt a new way of thinking and a new way of acting. Neither of which are easy to achieve and both or which take time to implement.

A new way of thinking involves a change in paradigm, a change in the messages sent/received and a change in overall culture. A new way of doing things means that you must have capable and effective processes, structures and systems which support a customer focussed business and both internal and external connectivity.

Organisations that have successful customer relationships have usually used three steps to build those relationships:

  • determined mutually satisfying goals between themselves and their customers
  • established and maintained customer rapport
  • produced positive feelings both within their organisation and their customers

These three steps come from viewing CRM as a process which has identifiable inputs, components and characteristics as well as the capacity for ongoing improvement and evolution.

For any business, the focus of CRM should be on developing core competencies and an overall strategy of building customer relationships. If an organisation is aware of this, then all efforts can be concentrated on:

  • exceeding customer expectation
  • understanding and managing the people impact on the culture of the organisation
  • recognising and treating customers as partners
  • valuing relationship-building
  • ensuring service is a value-adding activity
  • rewarding and recognising based on customer focus
  • gaining corporate support for service activity

Excellent CRM should be

  • reliable
  • responsive
  • accessible
  • safe
  • polite
  • considerate
  • competent

An integrated CRM approach has a massive impact on your business benefits, from reducing your costs, growing your customer base, highlighting poor operational processes and ensuring long term profitability and sustainability.

Forward thinking organisations understand the vital need to maintain a strategic focus on CRM and to resource and manage it appropriately. For them a strong, modern and competitive CRM system enables them to strengthen their supplier-customer relationship and they are constantly looking to upgrade and improve their systems so that they continue to stay ahead of their competitors.

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