5 Problems Discrete Manufacturers Face & How ERP Can Solve Them

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5 Problems Discrete Manufacturers Face & How ERP Can Solve Them

The 5 key issues to be addressed are:

  1. Improving time to market
    To thrive — and survive — companies must constantly reduce time to market, increase new product throughput while improving product quality and safety, and ensure products meet customer needs. We discuss how software can support your production improvement goals.
  2. Maximising the use of assets
    To improve ROI and respond to customer demands faster, at a lower cost, many plants are required to run 24/7, squeezing every drop of availability and capacity from their assets. We explore how to leverage the use of existing assets efficiently throughout the ‘normal life’ of the assets to ensure maximum ROI.
  3. Successfully managing multi-mode manufacturing
    Continuously seeking the most cost-efficient way to produce products has led to a wide array of production and supply chain strategies. These strategies can however, add complexity to how software is used to support the business. We explain how ERP can support this process.
  4. Building additional and alternative revenue streams
    The demand for a strong and reliable service plan has become more popular and the market itself is more complex. With challenges from developing competitors with significantly lower production costs, price alone is no longer as easy to compete on. We advise how the latest technologies – including IoT – can give you the visibility and data required to build additional revenue streams.
  5. Managing compliance effectively
    The complexity of managing compliance and the risk of non-compliance are a major concern, especially global companies, due to the increasing toll by local standards and regulations. Furthermore, the future impact of Brexit and how European based legislation will be migrated is yet, unknown. We explain how traceability and visibility of your end to end processes can help ensure compliance.